25 USC 2006 - Bureau of Indian Affairs education functions

(a) Formulation and establishment of policy and procedure; supervision of programs and expenditures 
The Secretary shall vest in the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs all functions with respect to formulation and establishment of policy and procedure and supervision of programs and expenditures of Federal funds for the purpose of Indian education administered by the Bureau. The Assistant Secretary shall carry out such functions through the Director of the Office of Indian Education Programs.
(b) Direction and supervision of personnel operations 

(1) In general 
Not later than 180 days after January 8, 2002, the Director of the Office shall direct and supervise the operations of all personnel directly and substantially involved in the provision of education program services by the Bureau, including school or institution custodial or maintenance personnel, and personnel responsible for contracting, procurement, and finance functions connected with school operation programs.
(2) Transfers 
The Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs shall, not later than 180 days after January 8, 2002, coordinate the transfer of functions relating to procurements for, contracts of, operation of, and maintenance of schools and other support functions to the Director.

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(c) Inherent Federal function 
For purposes of this Act, all functions relating to education that are located at the Area or Agency level and performed by an education line officer shall be subject to contract under the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act [25 U.S.C. 450 et seq.], unless determined by the Secretary to be inherently Federal functions as defined in section 2021 (12) of this title.
(d) Evaluation of programs; services and support functions; technical and coordinating assistance 
Education personnel who are under the direction and supervision of the Director of the Office of Indian Education Programs in accordance with subsection (b)(1) of this section shall
(1) monitor and evaluate Bureau education programs;
(2) provide all services and support functions for education programs with respect to personnel matters involving staffing actions and functions; and
(3) provide technical and coordinating assistance in areas such as procurement, contracting, budgeting, personnel, curriculum, and operation and maintenance of school facilities.
(e) Construction, improvement, operation, and maintenance of facilities 

(1) Plan for construction 
The Assistant Secretary shall submit as part of the annual budget a plan
(A) for school facilities to be constructed under section 2005 (c) of this title;
(B) for establishing priorities among projects and for the improvement and repair of educational facilities, which together shall form the basis for the distribution of appropriated funds; and
(C) for capital improvements to be made over the 5 succeeding years.

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(2) Program for operation and maintenance 

(A) Establishment 
The Assistant Secretary shall establish a program, including the distribution of appropriated funds, for the operation and maintenance of education facilities. Such program shall include
(i) a method of computing the amount necessary for each educational facility;
(ii) similar treatment of all Bureau-funded schools;
(iii) a notice of an allocation of appropriated funds from the Director of the Office of Indian Education Programs directly to the education line officers and appropriate school officials;
(iv) a method for determining the need for, and priority of, facilities repair and maintenance projects, both major and minor (to be determined, through the conduct by the Assistant Secretary, of a series of meetings at the agency and area level with representatives of the Bureau-funded schools in those areas and agencies to receive comment on the lists and prioritization of such projects); and
(v) a system for the conduct of routine preventive maintenance.
(B) Local supervisors 
The appropriate education line officers shall make arrangements for the maintenance of education facilities with the local supervisors of the Bureau maintenance personnel. The local supervisors of Bureau maintenance personnel shall take appropriate action to implement the decisions made by the appropriate education line officers, except that no funds under this chapter may be authorized for expenditure unless such appropriate education line officer is assured that the necessary maintenance has been, or will be, provided in a reasonable manner.
(3) Implementation 
This subsection shall be implemented as soon as practicable after January 8, 2002.
(f) Acceptance of gifts and bequests 

(1) Guidelines 
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Director of the Office shall promulgate guidelines for the establishment and administration of mechanisms for the acceptance of gifts and bequests for the use and benefit of particular schools or designated Bureau-operated education programs, including, in appropriate cases, the establishment and administration of trust funds.
(2) Monitoring and reports 
Except as provided in paragraph (3), in a case in which a Bureau-operated education program is the beneficiary of such a gift or bequest, the Director shall
(A) make provisions for monitoring use of the gift or bequest; and
(B) submit a report to the appropriate committees of Congress that describes the amount and terms of such gift or bequest, the manner in which such gift or bequest shall be used, and any results achieved by such use.
(3) Exception 
The requirements of paragraph (2) shall not apply in the case of a gift or bequest that is valued at $5,000 or less.
(g) Definition of functions 
For the purpose of this section, the term functions includes powers and duties.