25 USC 1665l - Alaska Native drug and alcohol abuse demonstration project

(a) The Secretary, acting through the Service, shall make grants to the Alaska Native Health Board for the conduct of a two-part community-based demonstration project to reduce drug and alcohol abuse in Alaska Native villages and to rehabilitate families afflicted by such abuse. Sixty percent of such grant funds shall be used by the Health Board to stimulate coordinated community development programs in villages seeking to organize to combat alcohol and drug use. Forty percent of such grant funds shall be transferred to a qualified nonprofit corporation providing alcohol recovery services in the village of St. Marys, Alaska, to enlarge and strengthen a family life demonstration program of rehabilitation for families that have been or are afflicted by alcoholism.
(b) The Secretary shall submit to the President for inclusion in the report required to be submitted to the Congress under section 1671 of this title for fiscal year 1995 an evaluation of the demonstration project established under subsection (a) of this section.