25 USC 1300j4 - Constitution and governing body

(a) Constitution 

(1) Adoption 
Not later than 24 months after September 21, 1994, the Secretary shall conduct, by secret ballot and in accordance with the provisions of section 476 of this title, an election to adopt a constitution and bylaws for the Band.
(2) Interim governing documents 
Until such time as a new constitution is adopted under paragraph (1), the governing documents in effect on September 21, 1994, shall be the interim governing documents for the Band.
(b) Officials 

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(1) Election 
Not later than 6 months after the Band adopts a constitution and bylaws pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, the Secretary shall conduct elections by secret ballot for the purpose of electing officials for the Band as provided in the Bands constitution. The election shall be conducted according to the procedures described in subsection (a) of this section, except to the extent that such procedures conflict with the Bands constitution.
(2) Interim government 
Until such time as the Band elects new officials pursuant to paragraph (1), the Bands governing body shall be the governing body in place on September 21, 1994, or any new governing body selected under the election procedures specified in the interim governing documents of the Band.