23 USC 512 - National ITS program plan

(a) In General.— 

(1) Updates.— 
Not later than 1 year after the date of enactment of the SAFETEALU, the Secretary, in consultation with interested stakeholders (including State transportation departments) shall develop a 5-year National Intelligent Transportation System (in this section referred to as ITS) program plan.
(2) Scope.— 
The National ITS program plan shall
(A) specify the goals, objectives, and milestones for the research and deployment of intelligent transportation systems in the contexts of

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(i) major metropolitan areas;
(ii) smaller metropolitan and rural areas; and
(iii) commercial vehicle operations;
(B) specify the manner in which specific programs and projects will achieve the goals, objectives, and milestones referred to in subparagraph (A), including consideration of a 5-year timeframe for the goals and objectives;
(C) identify activities that provide for the dynamic development, testing, and necessary revision of standards and protocols to promote and ensure interoperability in the implementation of intelligent transportation system technologies, including actions taken to establish standards; and
(D) establish a cooperative process with State and local governments for
(i) determining desired surface transportation system performance levels; and
(ii) developing plans for accelerating the incorporation of specific intelligent transportation system capabilities into surface transportation systems.
(b) Reporting.— 
The National ITS program plan shall be submitted and biennially updated as part of the transportation research and development strategic plan developed under section 508.