23 USC 506 - International highway transportation outreach program

(a) Establishment.— 
The Secretary may establish an international highway transportation outreach program
(1) to inform the United States highway community of technological innovations in foreign countries that could significantly improve highway transportation in the United States;
(2) to promote United States highway transportation expertise, goods, and services in foreign countries; and
(3) to increase transfers of United States highway transportation technology to foreign countries.

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(b) Activities.— 
Activities carried out under the program may include
(1) the development, monitoring, assessment, and dissemination in the United States of information about highway transportation innovations in foreign countries that could significantly improve highway transportation in the United States;
(2) research, development, demonstration, training, and other forms of technology transfer and exchange;
(3) the provision to foreign countries, through participation in trade shows, seminars, expositions, and other similar activities, of information relating to the technical quality of United States highway transportation goods and services;
(4) the offering of technical services of the Federal Highway Administration that cannot be readily obtained from private sector firms in the United States for incorporation into the proposals of those firms undertaking highway transportation projects outside the United States, if the costs of the technical services will be recovered under the terms of the project;
(5) the conduct of studies to assess the need for, or feasibility of, highway transportation improvements in foreign countries; and
(6) the gathering and dissemination of information on foreign transportation markets and industries.
(c) Cooperation.— 
The Secretary may carry out this section in cooperation with any appropriate
(1) Federal, State, or local agency;
(2) authority, association, institution, or organization;

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(3) for-profit or nonprofit corporation;
(4) national or international entity;
(5) foreign country; or
(6) person.
(d) Funds.— 

(1) Contributions.— 
Funds available to carry out this section shall include funds deposited by any cooperating organization or person into a special account of the Treasury established for this purpose.
(2) Eligible uses of funds.— 
The funds deposited into the account, and other funds available to carry out this section, shall be available to cover the cost of any activity eligible under this section, including the cost of
(A) promotional materials;
(B) travel;
(C) reception and representation expenses; and
(D) salaries and benefits.
(3) Reimbursements for salaries and benefits.— 
Reimbursements for salaries and benefits of Department employees providing services under this section shall be credited to the account.
(e) Report.— 
For each fiscal year, the Secretary shall submit to the Committee on Environment and Public Works of the Senate and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives a report that describes the destinations and individual trip costs of international travel conducted in carrying out activities described in this section.