23 USC 155 - Access highways to public recreation areas on certain lakes

(a) The Secretary is authorized to construct or reconstruct access highways to public recreation areas on lakes in order to accommodate present and projected traffic density. The Secretary shall develop guidelines and standards for the designation of routes and the allocation of funds for the purpose of this section which shall include the following criteria:
(1) No portion of any access highway constructed or reconstructed under this section shall exceed thirty-five miles in length nor shall any portion of such highway be located more than thirty-five miles from the nearest part of such recreation area.
(2) Routes shall be designated by the Secretary on the recommendation of the State and responsible local officials, after consultation with the head of the Federal agency (if any) having jurisdiction over the public recreation area involved.
(b) The Federal share payable on account of any project authorized pursuant to this section shall not exceed 75 per centum of the cost of construction or reconstruction of such project.

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(c) All of the provisions of this title applicable to highways on the Federal-aid system (other than the Interstate System) determined appropriate by the Secretary, except those provisions which the Secretary determines are inconsistent with this section, shall apply to any highway designated under this section which is not a part of the Federal-aid system when so designated.
(d) For the purpose of this section the term lake means any lake, reservoir, pool, or other body of water resulting from the construction of any lock, dam, or similar structure by the Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, or the Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior, or the Tennessee Valley Authority, and any multipurpose lake resulting from construction assistance of the Soil Conservation Service, Department of Agriculture. This section shall apply to lakes heretofore or hereafter constructed or authorized for construction.
(e) There is authorized to be appropriated not to exceed $25,000,000 for the fiscal year 1976 to carry out this section. Amounts authorized by this subsection for a fiscal year shall be available for that fiscal year and for the two succeeding fiscal years.