23 USC 151 - National bridge inspection program

(a) National Bridge Inspection Standards.— 
The Secretary, in consultation with the State transportation departments and interested and knowledgeable private organizations and individuals, shall establish national bridge inspection standards for the proper safety inspection and evaluation of all highway bridges.
(b) Minimum Requirements of Inspection Standards.— 
The standards established under subsection (a) shall, at a minimum
(1) specify, in detail, the method by which such inspections shall be carried out by the States;
(2) establish the maximum time period between inspections;

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(3) establish the qualification for those charged with carrying out the inspections;
(4) require each State to maintain and make available to the Secretary upon request
(A) written reports on the results of highway bridge inspections together with notations of any action taken pursuant to the findings of such inspections; and
(B) current inventory data for all highway bridges reflecting the findings of the most recent highway bridge inspections conducted; and
(5) establish a procedure for national certification of highway bridge inspectors.
(c) Training Program for Bridge Inspectors.— 
The Secretary, in cooperation with the State transportation departments, shall establish a program designed to train appropriate governmental employees to carry out highway bridge inspections. Such training program shall be revised from time to time to take into account new and improved techniques.
(d) Availability of Funds.— 
To carry out this section, the Secretary may use funds made available pursuant to the provisions of section 104 (a), section 502, and section 144 of this title.