22 USC 4010 - Separation for cause

(a) Authorization of Secretary; right to hearing; attorneys fees and backpay; leave without pay 

(1) The Secretary may decide to separate any member from the Service for such cause as will promote the efficiency of the Service.
(A) Except as provided in subparagraph (B), whenever the Secretary decides under paragraph (1) to separate, on the basis of misconduct, any member of the Service (other than a United States citizen employed under section 3951 of this title who is not a family member) who either

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(i) is serving under a career appointment, or
(ii) is serving under a limited appointment,

the member may not be separated from the Service until the member receives a hearing before the Foreign Service Grievance Board and the Board decides that cause for separation has been established, unless the member waives, in writing, the right to such a hearing, or the members appointment has expired, whichever is sooner.

(B) The right to a hearing in subparagraph (A) does not apply in the case of an individual who has been convicted of a crime for which a sentence of imprisonment of more than one year may be imposed.
(3) If the Board decides that cause for separation has not been established, the Board may direct the Department to pay reasonable attorneys fees to the extent and in the manner provided by section 4137 (b)(5) of this title. The hearing provided under this paragraph shall be conducted in accordance with the hearing procedures applicable to grievances under section 4136 of this title and shall be in lieu of any other administrative procedure authorized or required by this or any other Act. Section 4140 of this title shall apply to proceedings under this paragraph.
(4) Notwithstanding the hearing required by paragraph (2), at the time that the Secretary decides to separate a member of the Service for cause, the member shall be placed on leave without pay. If the member does not waive the right to a hearing, and the Board decides that cause for separation has not been established, the member shall be reinstated with back pay.
(b) Refund of contributions to Fund; annuity election 
Any participant in the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability System who is separated under subsection (a) of this section shall be entitled to receive a refund as provided in section 4055 of this title of the contributions made by the participant to the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund. Except in cases where the Secretary determines that separation was based in whole or in part on the ground of disloyalty to the United States, a participant who has at least 5 years of service credit toward retirement under the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability System (excluding military and naval service) may elect, in lieu of such refund, to an annuity, computed under section 4046 of this title, commencing at age 60.