22 USC 2522 - Definitions

(a) The term abroad means any area outside the United States.
(b) The term United States means the several States and the District of Columbia.
(c) The term function includes any duty, obligation, right, power, authority, responsibility, privilege, discretion, activity, and program.
(d) The term health care includes all appropriate examinations, preventive, curative and restorative health and medical care, and supplementary services when necessary.

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(e) For the purposes of this chapter or any other Act, the period of any individuals service as a volunteer under this chapter shall include
(i) except for the purposes of section 2504 (f) of this title, any period of training under section 2507 (a) of this title prior to enrollment as a volunteer under this chapter; and
(ii) the period between enrollment as a volunteer and the termination of service as such volunteer by the President or by death or resignation.
(f) The term United States Government agency includes any department, board, wholly or partly owned corporation, or instrumentality, commission, or establishment of the United States Government.
(g) The word transportation in sections 2504 (b), 2504 (m), and 2505 (2) of this title includes transportation of not to exceed three hundred pounds per person of unaccompanied necessary personal and household effects.