22 USC 2514 - Use of funds

(a) Administrative and other expenses 
Funds made available for the purposes of this chapter may be used for compensation, allowances and travel of employees, including members of the Foreign Service whose services are utilized primarily for the purposes of this chapter, for printing and binding without regard to the provisions of any other law, and for expenditures outside the United States for the procurement of supplies and services and for other administrative and operating purposes (other than compensation of employees) without regard to such laws and regulations governing the obligation and expenditure of Government funds as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of this chapter.
(b) Travel expenses abroad; transportation of personal effects, household goods and automobiles; storage 
Funds made available for the purposes of this chapter may be used to pay expenses in connection with travel abroad of employees and, to the extent otherwise authorized by this chapter, of volunteers, including travel expenses of dependents (including expenses during necessary stopovers while engaged in such travel), and transportation of personal effects, household goods, and automobiles when any part of such travel or transportation begins in one fiscal year pursuant to travel orders issued in that fiscal year, notwithstanding the fact that such travel or transportation may not be completed during the same fiscal year, and cost of transporting to and from a place of storage, and the cost of storing automobiles of employees when it is in the public interest or more economical to authorize storage.
(c) Costs of training personnel employed or assigned overseas 
Funds available under this chapter may be used to pay costs of training employees employed or assigned pursuant to section 2506 (a)(2) of this title (through interchange or otherwise) at any State or local unit of government, public or private nonprofit institution, trade, labor, agricultural, or scientific association or organization, or commercial firm; and the provisions of subchapter VI of chapter 33 of title 5 may be used to carry out the foregoing authority notwithstanding that interchange of personnel may not be involved or that the training may not take place at the institutions specified in that Act.[1] Any payments or contributions in connection therewith may, as deemed appropriate by the head of the agency of the United States Government authorizing such training, be made by private or public sources and be accepted by any trainee, or may be accepted by and credited to the current applicable appropriation of such agency: Provided, however, That any such payments to an employee in the nature of compensation shall be in lieu, or in reduction, of compensation received from the United States Government.
(d) Payment of expenses 
Funds available for the purposes of this chapter shall be available for

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(1) rent of buildings and space in buildings in the United States, and for repair, alteration, and improvement of such leased properties;
(2) expenses of attendance at meetings concerned with the purposes of this chapter, including (notwithstanding the provisions of section 1346 of title 31) expenses in connection with meetings of persons whose employment is authorized by section 2512 (a) of this title;
(3) rental and hire of aircraft;
(4) purchase and hire of passenger motor vehicles: Provided, That, except as may otherwise be provided in an appropriation or other Act, passenger motor vehicles for administrative purposes abroad may be purchased for replacement only, and such vehicles may be exchanged or sold and replaced by an equal number of such vehicles, and the cost, including exchange allowance, of each such replacement shall not exceed the applicable cost limitation described in section 2396 (a)(5) of this title in the case of an automobile for any Peace Corps country representative appointed under section 2506 (c) of this title: Provided further, That the provisions of section 1343 of title 31 shall not apply to the purchase of vehicles for the transportation, maintenance, or direct support of volunteers overseas: Provided further, That passenger motor vehicles may be purchased for use in the United States only as may be specifically provided in an appropriation or other Act;
(5) entertainment (not to exceed $5,000 in any fiscal year except as may otherwise be provided in an appropriation or other Act);
(6) exchange of funds and loss by exchange;
(7) expenditures (not to exceed $20,000 in any fiscal year except as may be otherwise provided in an appropriation or other Act) not otherwise authorized by law to meet unforeseen emergencies or contingencies arising in the Peace Corps: Provided, That a certificate of the amount only of each such expenditure and that such expenditure was necessary to meet an unforeseen emergency or contingency, made by the Director of the Peace Corps or his designee, shall be deemed a sufficient voucher for the amount therein specified;
(8) insurance of official motor vehicles acquired for use abroad;
(9) rent or lease abroad for not to exceed five years of offices, health facilities, buildings, grounds, and living quarters, and payments therefor in advance; maintenance, furnishings, necessary repairs, improvements, and alterations to properties owned or rented by the United States Government or made available for its use abroad; and costs of fuel, water, and utilities for such properties;
(10) expenses of preparing and transporting to their former homes, or, with respect to foreign participants engaged in activities under this chapter, to their former homes or places of burial, and of care and disposition of, the remains of persons or members of the families of persons who may die while such persons are away from their homes participating in activities under this chapter;

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(11) use in accordance with authorities of the Foreign Service Act of 1980 (22 U.S.C. 3901 et seq.), not otherwise provided for;
(12) ice and drinking water for use abroad; and
(13) the transportation of Peace Corps employees, Peace Corps volunteers, dependents of such employees and volunteers, and accompanying baggage, by a foreign air carrier when the transportation is between two places outside the United States without regard to section 40118 of title 49.
[1] So in original. Probably should be “that subchapter.”