22 USC 2399c - Coordination of policies and programs

(a) Development Coordination Committee established 
The President shall establish a system for coordination of United States policies and programs which affect United States interests in the development of low-income countries. To that end, the President shall establish a Development Coordination Committee which shall advise him with respect to coordination of United States policies and programs affecting the development of the developing countries, including programs of bilateral and multilateral development assistance. The Committee shall include the head of the agency primarily responsible for administering subchapter I of this chapter, Chairman, and representatives of the Departments of State, Treasury, Commerce, Agriculture, Energy, and Labor, the Executive Office of the President, and other executive departments and agencies, as the President shall designate. The Committee shall advise the President concerning the degree to which bilateral and multilateral development assistance should focus on critical problems in those functional sectors which affect the lives of the majority of people in the developing countries: food production; rural development and nutrition; population planning and health; and education, public administration, and human resource development.
(b) Procedures to assure coordination 
The President shall prescribe appropriate procedures to assure coordination among
(1) the various departments and agencies of the United States Government having representatives in diplomatic missions abroad; and
(2) representatives of the United States Government in each country, under the direction of the Chief of the United States Diplomatic Mission.

The President shall keep the Congress advised of his actions under this subsection.

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(c) Guidance of Secretary of State 
Programs authorized by this chapter shall be undertaken with the foreign policy guidance of the Secretary of State.
(d) Repealed. Pub. L. 95–424, title V, § 502(d)(1), Oct. 6, 1978, 92 Stat. 959 
(e) Temporary assignment of employees 
The head of any of the departments or agencies referred to in subsection (a) of this section may temporarily assign, upon the request of the Chairman, any employee from such department or agency to the staff of the Committee.
(f) Studies 
To carry out the purposes of subsection (a) of this section, the Committee shall
(1) prepare studies on various development problems;
(2) devise implementation strategies on developmental problems appropriate to each such department or agency;
(3) monitor and evaluate the results of the development activities of each such department or agency; and
(4) arrange for the exchange of information and studies between such agencies and departments.