22 USC 2349aa9 - Ban on importing goods and services from countries supporting terrorism

(a) Authority 
The President may ban the importation into the United States of any good or service from any country which supports terrorism or terrorist organizations or harbors terrorists or terrorist organizations.
(b) Consultation 
The President, in every possible instance, shall consult with the Congress before exercising the authority granted by this section and shall consult regularly with the Congress so long as that authority is being exercised.
(c) Reports 
Whenever the President exercises the authority granted by this section, he shall immediately transmit to the Congress a report specifying
(1) the country with respect to which the authority is to be exercised and the imports to be prohibited;

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(2) the circumstances which necessitate the exercise of such authority;
(3) why the President believes those circumstances justify the exercise of such authority; and
(4) why the President believes the prohibitions are necessary to deal with those circumstances.

At least once during each succeeding 6-month period after transmitting a report pursuant to this subsection, the President shall report to the Congress with respect to the actions taken, since the last such report, pursuant to this section and with respect to any changes which have occurred concerning any information previously furnished pursuant to this subsection.

(d) “United States” defined 
For purposes of this section, the term United States includes territories and possessions of the United States.