22 USC 2191a - Additional requirements

(a) Worker rights 

(1) Limitation on OPIC activities 
The Corporation may insure, reinsure, guarantee, or finance a project only if the country in which the project is to be undertaken is taking steps to adopt and implement laws that extend internationally recognized worker rights, as defined in section 2467 (4) of title 19, to workers in that country (including any designated zone in that country). The Corporation shall also include the following language, in substantially the following form, in all contracts which the Corporation enters into with eligible investors to provide financial support under this subpart: The investor agrees not to take actions to prevent employees of the foreign enterprise from lawfully exercising their right of association and their right to organize and bargain collectively. The investor further agrees to observe applicable laws relating to a minimum age for employment of children, acceptable conditions of work with respect to minimum wages, hours of work, and occupational health and safety, and not to use forced labor. The investor is not responsible under this paragraph for the actions of a foreign government.
(2) Use of annual reports on workers rights 
The Corporation shall, in making its determinations under paragraph (1), use the reports submitted to the Congress pursuant to section 2464 of title 19. The restriction set forth in paragraph (1) shall not apply until the first such report is submitted to the Congress.
(3) Waiver 
Paragraph (1) shall not prohibit the Corporation from providing any insurance, reinsurance, guaranty, or financing with respect to a country if the President determines that such activities by the Corporation would be in the national economic interests of the United States. Any such determination shall be reported in writing to the Congress, together with the reasons for the determination.

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(4) Operations of OPIC in the People’s Republic of China 
In making a determination under this section for the Peoples Republic of China, the Corporation shall discuss fully and completely the justification for making such determination with respect to each item set forth in subparagraphs (A) through (E) of section 2467 (4) of title 19.
(b) Environmental impact 
The Board of Directors of the Corporation shall not vote in favor of any action proposed to be taken by the Corporation that is likely to have significant adverse environmental impacts that are sensitive, diverse, or unprecedented, unless for at least 60 days before the date of the vote
(1) an environmental impact assessment or initial environmental audit, analyzing the environmental impacts of the proposed action and of alternatives to the proposed action has been completed by the project applicant and made available to the Board of Directors; and
(2) such assessment or audit has been made available to the public of the United States, locally affected groups in the host country, and host country nongovernmental organizations.
(c) Public hearings 

(1) The Board shall hold at least one public hearing each year in order to afford an opportunity for any person to present views as to whether the Corporation is carrying out its activities in accordance with section 2191 of this title and this section or whether any investment in a particular country should have been or should be extended insurance, reinsurance, guarantees, or financing under this subpart.
(2) In conjunction with each meeting of its Board of Directors, the Corporation shall hold a public hearing in order to afford an opportunity for any person to present views regarding the activities of the Corporation. Such views shall be made part of the record.