22 USC 2182 - Authorization for worldwide shelter guarantees

(a) Authorization to issue guarantees to eligible investors 
To carry out the policy of section 2181 of this title, the President is authorized to issue guaranties to eligible investors (as defined in section 2198 (c) of this title) assuring against losses incurred in connection with loans made for projects meeting the criteria set forth in section 2181 of this title. The total principal amount of guaranties issued under this subpart or heretofore issued under prior housing guaranty authorities, which are outstanding at any one time, shall not exceed $2,558,000,000. The authority of this section shall continue through September 30, 1992. The President may issue regulations from time to time with regard to the terms and conditions upon which such guaranties shall be issued and the eligibility of lenders.
(b) Emphasis on certain activities 
Activities carried out under this section shall emphasize
(1) projects which provide improved home sites to poor families on which to build shelter, and related services;
(2) projects comprised of expandable core shelter units on serviced sites;

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(3) slum upgrading projects designed to conserve and improve existing shelter;
(4) shelter projects for low-income people designed for demonstration or institution building purposes; and
(5) community facilities and services in support of projects authorized under this section to improve the shelter occupied by the poor.
(c) Use of solar energy technology 
In issuing guaranties under this section with respect to projects in a country which require the use or conservation of energy, the President shall give consideration to the use of solar energy technologies, where such technologies are economically and technically feasible. Technologies which may be used include solar hot water systems, solar heating and cooling, passive solar heating, biomass conversion, photovoltaic and wind applications, and community-scale solar thermal applications.
(k)  1 Minimum annual program levels 
The total principal amount of guaranties issued under this section for each of the fiscal years 1986 and 1987 shall be comparable to the total principal amount of such guaranties issued for fiscal year 1984, subject to the dollar limitations on the issuance of guaranties under this section which are contained in subsection (a) of this section and in appropriation Acts.
[1] So in original. No subsecs. (d) to (j) have been enacted.