21 USC 1907 - Definitions

As used in this chapter:
(1) Entity 
The term entity means a partnership, joint venture, association, corporation, organization, network, group, or subgroup, or any form of business collaboration.
(2) Foreign person 
The term foreign person means any citizen or national of a foreign state or any entity not organized under the laws of the United States, but does not include a foreign state.
(3) Narcotics trafficking 
The term narcotics trafficking means any illicit activity to cultivate, produce, manufacture, distribute, sell, finance, or transport narcotic drugs, controlled substances, or listed chemicals, or otherwise endeavor or attempt to do so, or to assist, abet, conspire, or collude with others to do so.
(4) Narcotic drug; controlled substance; listed chemical 
The terms narcotic drug, controlled substance, and listed chemical have the meanings given those terms in section 802 of this title.

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(5) Person 
The term person means an individual or entity.
(6) United States person 
The term United States person means any United States citizen or national, permanent resident alien, an entity organized under the laws of the United States (including its foreign branches), or any person within the United States.
(7) Significant foreign narcotics trafficker 
The term significant foreign narcotics trafficker means any foreign person that plays a significant role in international narcotics trafficking, that the President has determined to be appropriate for sanctions pursuant to this chapter, and that the President has publicly identified in the report required under subsection (b) or (h)(1) of section 1903 of this title.