20 USC 954a - Access to the arts through support of education

(a) Purposes 
The purposes of this section are
(1) to increase accessibility to the arts through providing education to all Americans, including diverse cultures, urban and rural populations by encouraging and developing quality education in the arts at all levels, in conjunction with programs of nonformal education for all age groups, with formal systems of elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education;
(2) to develop and stimulate research to teach quality education in the arts; and
(3) to encourage and facilitate the work of artists, arts institutions, and Federal, State, regional, and local agencies in the area of education in the arts.

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(b) Program of contracts or grants 
The Chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts,[1] is authorized to establish and carry out a program of contracts with, or grants to, any State or other public agency, individual, artist, any nonprofit society, performing and nonperforming arts and educational institution or organization, association, or museum in the United States, in order to foster and encourage exceptional talent, public knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the arts, and to support the education, training, and development of this Nations artists, through such activities as projects that will
(1) promote and improve the availability of arts instruction for American youth and life-long learning in the arts;
(2) enhance the quality of arts instruction in programs of teacher education;
(3) develop arts faculty resources and talents;
(4) support and encourage the development of improved curriculum materials in the arts;
(5) improve evaluation and assessment of education in the arts programs and instruction;
(6) foster cooperative programs with the Department of Education and encourage partnerships between arts and education agencies at State and local levels, arts organizations, business colleges and universities;
(7) support apprenticeships, internships, and other career oriented work-study experiences for artists and arts teachers, and encourage residencies of artists at all educational levels;
(8) support the use of technology and improved facilities and resources in education in the arts programs at all levels; and
(9) foster the development of demonstration projects, demonstration productions, demonstration workshops, and demonstration programs in arts education and collect, and make available to the public, information on their implementation and effectiveness.

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(c) Advisory council on arts education 
In order to provide advice and counsel concerning arts education, the Chairperson shall appoint an advisory council on arts education.
[1] So in original. The comma probably should not appear.