20 USC 2533 - Administration by unit in Department of Education

(a) Establishment; functions 
The Secretary of Education shall establish or designate an administrative unit within the Department of Education for purposes of
(1) carrying out provisions of this subchapter;
(2) providing information regarding guidance and counseling as a profession, guidance and counseling activities of the Federal Government, and, to the extent practicable, activities of State and local programs of guidance and counseling; and
(3) advising the Secretary of Education on coordinating guidance and counseling activities included in all programs which he is authorized to carry out, and, to the extent he deems practicable, how such activities may be coordinated with other programs of the Federal Government and State and local guidance and counseling programs.

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(b) Reservation of amount for implementation 
The Secretary of Education may reserve an amount not to exceed 5 per centum of the sums appropriated under this subchapter to carry out the provisions of this section.