20 USC 2531 - Congressional findings

The Congress finds that
(1) guidance and counseling activities are an essential component to assure success in achieving the goals of many education programs:[1]
(2) lack of coordination among guidance and counseling activities supported jointly or separately by Federal programs and by State and local programs has resulted in an underutilization of resources available for such activities; and
(3) increased and improved preparation of education professionals is needed in guidance and counseling, including administration of guidance and counseling programs at the State and local levels, with special emphasis on inservice training which takes educational professionals into the workplaces of business and industry, the professions, and other occupational pursuits, and that increased and improved use of individuals employed in such pursuits are needed for effective guidance and counseling programs, including
(A)  bringing persons employed in such pursuits into schools, and

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(B)  bringing students into such workplaces for observation of, and participation in, such pursuits, in order to acquaint the students with the nature of the work.
[1] So in original. The colon probably should be a semicolon.