20 USC 10786 - Default reduction program

(a) Other repayment incentives 

(1) Sale of loan 

(A) Each guaranty agency shall enter into an agreement with the Secretary which shall provide that upon securing 9 payments made within 20 days of the due date during 10 consecutive months of amounts owed on a loan for which the Secretary has made a payment under paragraph (1) of section 1078 (c) of this title, the guaranty agency (pursuant to an agreement with the Secretary) or the Secretary shall, if practicable, sell the loan to an eligible lender. Such loan shall not be sold to an eligible lender who has been found by the guaranty agency or the Secretary to have substantially failed to exercise the due diligence required of lenders under this part. Neither the guaranty agency nor the Secretary shall demand from a borrower as monthly payment amounts referred to in this paragraph more than is reasonable and affordable based upon the borrowers total financial circumstances.
(B) An agreement between the guaranty agency and the Secretary for purposes of this paragraph shall provide

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(i) for the repayment by the agency to the Secretary of 81.5 percent of the amount of the principal balance outstanding at the time of such sale, multiplied by the reinsurance percentage in effect when payment under the guaranty agreement was made with respect to the loan; and
(ii) for the reinstatement by the Secretary
(I)  of the obligation to reimburse such agency for the amount expended by it in discharge of its insurance obligation under its loan insurance program, and
(II)  of the obligation to pay to the holder of such loan a special allowance pursuant to section 1087–1 of this title.
(C) A guaranty agency may charge the borrower and retain collection costs in an amount not to exceed 18.5 percent of the outstanding principal and interest at the time of sale of a loan rehabilitated under subparagraph (A).
(D) A loan which does not meet the requirements of subparagraph (A) may also be eligible for sale under this paragraph upon a determination that the loan was in default due to clerical or data processing error and would not, in the absence of such error, be in a delinquent status.
(2) Use of proceeds of sales 
Amounts received by the Secretary pursuant to the sale of such loans by a guaranty agency under paragraph (1) of this subsection shall be deducted from the calculations of the amount of reimbursement for which the agency is eligible under paragraph (1)(B)(ii) of this subsection for the fiscal year in which the amount was received, notwithstanding the fact that the default occurred in a prior fiscal year.
(3) Borrower eligibility 
Any borrower whose loan is sold under paragraph (1) shall not be precluded by section 1091 of this title from receiving additional loans or grants under this subchapter and part C of subchapter I of chapter 34 of title 42 (for which he or she is otherwise eligible) on the basis of defaulting on the loan prior to such loan sale.
(4) Applicability of general loan conditions 
A loan which is sold under paragraph (1) of this subsection shall, so long as the borrower continues to make scheduled repayments thereon, be subject to the same terms and conditions and qualify for the same benefits and privileges as other loans made under this part.
(b) Satisfactory repayment arrangements to renew eligibility 
Each guaranty agency shall establish a program which allows a borrower with a defaulted loan or loans to renew eligibility for all title IV student financial assistance (regardless of whether the defaulted loan has been sold to an eligible lender) upon the borrowers payment of 6 consecutive monthly payments. The guaranty agency shall not demand from a borrower as a monthly payment amount under this subsection more than is reasonable and affordable based upon the borrowers total financial circumstances. A borrower may only obtain the benefit of this subsection with respect to renewed eligibility once.