19 USC 3109 - Submission of data; action to ensure compliance

(a) Submission of data 
The Federal Communications Commission (hereafter in this section referred to as the Commission) shall periodically submit to appropriate committees of the House of Representatives and of the Senate any data collected and otherwise made public under Report No. DC1105, Information Reporting Requirements Established for Common Carriers, adopted February 25, 1988, relating to FCC Docket No. 86494, adopted December 23, 1987.
(b) Action to ensure compliance 

(A) Any product of a foreign country that is subject to registration or approval by the Commission may be entered only if

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(i) such product conforms with all applicable rules and regulations of the Commission, and
(ii) the information which is required on Federal Communications Commission Form 740 on August 23, 1988, is provided to the appropriate customs officer at the time of such entry in such form and manner as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.
(B) For purposes of this paragraph, the term entered means entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, in the customs territory of the United States.
(2) The Commission, the Secretary of Commerce, and the Trade Representative shall provide such assistance in the enforcement of paragraph (1) as the Secretary of the Treasury may request.
(3) The Secretary of the Treasury shall compile the information collected under paragraph (1)(A)(ii) into a summary and shall annually submit such summary to the Congress until the authority to negotiate trade agreements under chapter 17 of this title expires. Such information shall also be made available to the public.