16 USC 6404 - Coral reef conservation Fund

(a) Fund 
The Administrator may enter into an agreement with a nonprofit organization that promotes coral reef conservation authorizing such organization to receive, hold, and administer funds received pursuant to this section. The organization shall invest, reinvest, and otherwise administer the funds and maintain such funds and any interest or revenues earned in a separate interest bearing account, hereafter referred to as the Fund, established by such organization solely to support partnerships between the public and private sectors that further the purposes of this chapter and are consistent with the national coral reef action strategy under section 6402 of this title.
(b) Authorization to solicit donations 
Pursuant to an agreement entered into under subsection (a) of this section, an organization may accept, receive, solicit, hold, administer, and use any gift to further the purposes of this chapter. Any moneys received as a gift shall be deposited and maintained in the Fund established by the organization under subsection (a) of this section.
(c) Review of performance 
The Administrator shall conduct a continuing review of the grant program administered by an organization under this section. Each review shall include a written assessment concerning the extent to which that organization has implemented the goals and requirements of this section and the national coral reef action strategy under section 6402 of this title.
(d) Administration 
Under an agreement entered into pursuant to subsection (a) of this section, the Administrator may transfer funds appropriated to carry out this chapter to an organization. Amounts received by an organization under this subsection may be used for matching, in whole or in part, contributions (whether in money, services, or property) made to the organization by private persons and State and local government agencies.