16 USC 6402 - National coral reef action strategy

(a) In general 
Not later than 180 days after December 23, 2000, the Administrator shall submit to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate and to the Committee on Resources of the House of Representatives and publish in the Federal Register a national coral reef action strategy, consistent with the purposes of this chapter. The Administrator shall periodically review and revise the strategy as necessary. In developing this national strategy, the Secretary may consult with the Coral Reef Task Force established under Executive Order 13089 (June 11, 1998).
(b) Goals and objectives 
The action strategy shall include a statement of goals and objectives as well as an implementation plan, including a description of the funds obligated each fiscal year to advance coral reef conservation. The action strategy and implementation plan shall include discussion of
(1) coastal uses and management;
(2) water and air quality;

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(3) mapping and information management;
(4) research, monitoring, and assessment;
(5) international and regional issues;
(6) outreach and education;
(7) local strategies developed by the States or Federal agencies, including regional fishery management councils; and
(8) conservation, including how the use of marine protected areas to serve as replenishment zones will be developed consistent with local practices and traditions.