16 USC 2508 - Matching requirements; non-Federal share of project costs

The non-Federal share of project costs assisted under this chapter may be derived from general or special purpose State or local revenues.[1] State categorical grants, special appropriations by State legislatures, donations of land, buildings, or building materials and/or in-kind construction, technical, and planning services. No moneys from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (77 Stat. 49), as amended [16 U.S.C. 460l–5], or from any other Federal grant program other than general revenue sharing and the community development block grant programs shall be used to match Federal grants under this program. Reasonable local costs of action program development to meet the requirements of section 2506 (a) of this title may be used as part of the local match only when local applicants have not received program development grants under the authority of section 2506 (c) of this title. The Secretary shall encourage States and private interests to contribute, to the maximum extent possible, to the non-Federal share of project costs.
[1] So in original. The period probably should be a comma.