16 USC 2506 - Local commitments to system recovery and maintenance

(a) Recovery action programs; preliminary action programs; five-year recovery action programs; continuing planning process 
As a requirement for project approval, local governments applying for assistance under this chapter shall submit to the Secretary evidence of their commitments to ongoing planning, rehabilitation, service, operation, and maintenance programs for their park and recreation systems. These commitments will be expressed in local park and recreation recovery action programs which maximize coordination of all community resources, including other federally supported urban development and recreation programs. During an initial interim period to be established by regulations under this chapter, this requirement may be satisfied by local government submissions of preliminary action programs which briefly define objectives, priorities, and implementation strategies for overall system recovery and maintenance and commit the applicant to a scheduled program development process. Following this interim period, all local applicants shall submit to the Secretary, as a condition of eligibility, a five-year action program for park and recreation recovery that satisfactorily demonstrate:[1]
(1) systematic identification of recovery objectives, priorities, and implementation strategies;
(2) adequate planning for rehabilitation of specific recreation areas and facilities, including projections of the cost of proposed projects;
(3) capacity and commitment to assure that facilities provided or improved under this chapter shall thereafter continue to be adequately maintained, protected, staffed, and supervised;

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(4) intention to maintain total local public outlays for park and recreation purposes at levels at least equal to those in the year preceding that in which grant assistance is sought beginning in fiscal year 1980 except in any case where a reduction in park and recreation outlays is proportionate to a reduction in overall spending by the applicant; and
(5) the relationship of the park and recreation recovery program to overall community development and urban revitalization efforts. Where appropriate, the Secretary may encourage local governments to meet action program requirements through a continuing planning process which includes periodic improvements and updates in action program submissions to eliminate identified gaps in program information and policy development.
(b) Recovery action program special considerations 
Action programs shall address, but are not limited to the following considerations:
(1) Rehabilitation of existing recreational sites and facilities, including general systemwide renovation; special rehabilitation requirements for recreational sites and facilities in areas of high population concentration and economic distress; and restoration of outstanding or unique structures, landscaping, or similar features in parks of historical or architectural significance.
(2) Local commitments to innovative and cost-effective programs and projects at the neighborhood level to augment recovery of park and recreation systems, including but not limited to recycling of abandoned schools and other public buildings for recreational purposes; multiple use of operating educational and other public buildings; purchase of recreation services on a contractual basis; use of mobile facilities and recreational, cultural, and educational programs or other innovative approaches to improving access for neighborhood residents; integration of recovery program with federally assisted projects to maximize recreational opportunities through conversion of abandoned railroad and highway rights-of-way, waterfront, and other redevelopment efforts and such other federally assisted projects as may be appropriate; conversion of recreation use of street space, derelict land, and other public lands not now designated for neighborhood recreational use; and use of various forms of compensated and uncompensated land regulation, tax inducements, or other means to encourage the private sector to provide neighborhood park and recreation facilities and programs.

The Secretary shall establish and publish in the Federal Register requirements for preparation, submission, and updating of local park and recreation recovery action programs. In order to be eligible to receive at-risk youth recreation grants a local government shall amend its 5-year action program to incorporate the goal of reducing crime and juvenile delinquency and to provide a description of the implementation strategies to achieve this goal. The plan shall also address how the local government is coordinating its recreation programs with crime prevention efforts of law enforcement, juvenile corrections, and youth social service agencies.

(c) Recovery action program grants 
The Secretary is authorized to provide up to 50 per centum matching grants to eligible local applicants for program development and planning specifically to meet the objectives of this chapter.
[1] So in original. Probably should be “demonstrates:”.