16 USC 2504 - Federal assistance grants

(a) General purpose local governments eligible for assistance; basis; publication in Federal Register: list of eligibles, criteria of eligibility 
Eligibility of general purpose local governments for assistance under this chapter shall be based upon need as determined by the Secretary. Within one hundred and twenty days after November 10, 1978, the Secretary shall publish in the Federal Register, a list of the local governments eligible to participate in this program, to be accompanied by a discussion of criteria used in determining eligibility. Such criteria shall be based upon factors which the Secretary determines are related to deteriorated recreational facilities or systems, and physical and economic distress.
(b) Other general purpose local governments eligible for assistance; limitation of funds 
Notwithstanding the list of eligible local governments established in accordance with subsection (a) of this section, the Secretary is also authorized to establish eligibility, at his discretion and in accord with the findings and purpose of this chapter, to other general purpose local governments in standard metropolitan statistical areas as defined by the census: Provided, That grants to these discretionary applicants do not exceed in the aggregate 15 per centum of funds appropriated under this chapter for rehabilitation, innovation, and recovery action program grants.
(c) Priority criteria for project selection and approval 
The Secretary shall also establish priority criteria for project selection and approval which consider such factors as
(1) population;

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(2) condition of existing recreation areas and facilities;
(3) demonstrated deficiencies in access to neighborhood recreation opportunities, particularly for minority, and low- and moderate-income residents;
(4) public participation in determining rehabilitation or development needs;
(5) the extent to which a project supports or complements target activities undertaken as part of a local governments overall community development and urban revitalization program;
(6) the extent to which a proposed project would provide employment opportunities for minorities, youth, and low- and moderate-income residents in the project neighborhood and/or would provide for participation of neighborhood, nonprofit or tenant organizations in the proposed rehabilitation activity or in subsequent maintenance, staffing, or supervision of recreation areas and facilities;
(7) the amount of State and private support for a project as evidenced by commitments of non-Federal resources to project construction or operation; and
(8) in the case of at-risk youth recreation grants, the Secretary shall give a priority to each of the following criteria:
(A) Programs which are targeted to youth who are at the greatest risk of becoming involved in violence and crime.
(B) Programs which teach important values and life skills, including teamwork, respect, leadership, and self-esteem.
(C) Programs which offer tutoring, remedial education, mentoring, and counseling in addition to recreation opportunities.

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(D) Programs which offer services during late night or other nonschool hours.
(E) Programs which demonstrate collaboration between local park and recreation, juvenile justice, law enforcement, and youth social service agencies and nongovernmental entities, including the private sector and community and nonprofit organizations.
(F) Programs which leverage public or private recreation investments in the form of services, materials, or cash.
(G) Programs which show the greatest potential of being continued with non-Federal funds or which can serve as models for other communities.