15 USC 7305 - Additional powers

In order to support Teams in carrying out this chapter, the Director may
(1) procure the temporary or intermittent services of experts or consultants under section 3109 of title 5;
(2) request the use, when appropriate, of available services, equipment, personnel, and facilities of a department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States Government on a reimbursable or other basis;
(3) confer with employees and request the use of services, records, and facilities of State and local governmental authorities;
(4) accept voluntary and uncompensated services;
(5) accept and use gifts of money and other property, to the extent provided in advance in appropriations Acts;
(6) make contracts with nonprofit">nonprofit entities to carry out studies related to purpose, functions, and authorities of the Teams; and
(7) provide nongovernmental members of the Team reasonable compensation for time spent carrying out activities under this chapter.