15 USC 6307c - Sanctioning organizations

(a) Objective criteria 
Within 2 years after May 26, 2000, the Association of Boxing Commissions shall develop and shall approve by a vote of no less than a majority of its member State boxing commissioners, guidelines for objective and consistent written criteria for the ratings of professional boxers. It is the sense of the Congress that sanctioning bodies and State boxing commissions should follow these ABC guidelines.
(b) Appeals process 
A sanctioning organization shall not be entitled to receive any compensation, directly or indirectly, in connection with a boxing match, until it provides the boxers with notice that the sanctioning organization shall, within 7 days after receiving a request from a boxer questioning that organizations rating of the boxer
(1) provide to the boxer a written explanation of the organizations criteria, its rating of the boxer, and the rationale or basis for its rating (including a response to any specific questions submitted by the boxer); and
(2) submit a copy of its explanation to the Association of Boxing Commissions.

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(c) Notification of change in rating 
A sanctioning organization shall not be entitled to receive any compensation, directly or indirectly, in connection with a boxing match, until, with respect to a change in the rating of a boxer previously rated by such organization in the top 10 boxers, the organization
(1) posts a copy, within 7 days of such change, on its Internet website or home page, if any, including an explanation of such change, for a period of not less than 30 days; and
(2) provides a copy of the rating change and explanation to an association to which at least a majority of the State boxing commissions belong.
(d) Public disclosure 

(1) Federal Trade Commission filing 
A sanctioning organization shall not be entitled to receive any compensation directly or indirectly in connection with a boxing match unless, not later than January 31 of each year, it submits to the Federal Trade Commission and to the ABC
(A) a complete description of the organizations ratings criteria, policies, and general sanctioning fee schedule;
(B) the bylaws of the organization;
(C) the appeals procedure of the organization for a boxers rating; and
(D) a list and business address of the organizations officials who vote on the ratings of boxers.
(2) Format; updates 
A sanctioning organization shall

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(A) provide the information required under paragraph (1) in writing, and, for any document greater than 2 pages in length, also in electronic form; and
(B) promptly notify the Federal Trade Commission of any material change in the information submitted.
(3) Federal Trade Commission to make information available to public 
The Federal Trade Commission shall make information received under this subsection available to the public. The Commission may assess sanctioning organizations a fee to offset the costs it incurs in processing the information and making it available to the public.
(4) Internet alternative 
In lieu of submitting the information required by paragraph (1) to the Federal Trade Commission, a sanctioning organization may provide the information to the public by maintaining a website on the Internet that
(A) is readily accessible by the general public using generally available search engines and does not require a password or payment of a fee for full access to all the information;
(B) contains all the information required to be submitted to the Federal Trade Commission by paragraph (1) in an easy to search and use format; and
(C) is updated whenever there is a material change in the information.