15 USC 6306 - Review

(a) Procedures 
Each boxing commission shall establish each of the following procedures:
(1) Procedures to evaluate the professional records and physicians certification of each boxer participating in a professional boxing match in the State, and to deny authorization for a boxer to fight where appropriate.
(2) Procedures to ensure that, except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, no boxer is permitted to box while under suspension from any boxing commission due to
(A) a recent knockout or series of consecutive losses;

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(B) an injury, requirement for a medical procedure, or physician denial of certification;
(C) failure of a drug test;
(D) the use of false aliases, or falsifying, or attempting to falsify, official identification cards or documents; or
(E) unsportsmanlike conduct or other inappropriate behavior inconsistent with generally accepted methods of competition in a professional boxing match.
(3) Procedures to review a suspension where appealed by a boxer, licensee, manager, matchmaker, promoter, or other boxing service provider, including an opportunity for a boxer to present contradictory evidence.
(4) Procedures to revoke a suspension where a boxer
(A) was suspended under subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (2) of this subsection, and has furnished further proof of a sufficiently improved medical or physical condition; or
(B) furnishes proof under subparagraph (C) or (D) of paragraph (2) that a suspension was not, or is no longer, merited by the facts.
(b) Suspension in another State 
A boxing commission may allow a boxer who is under suspension in any State to participate in a professional boxing match
(1) for any reason other than those listed in subsection (a) of this section if such commission notifies in writing and consults with the designated official of the suspending States boxing commission prior to the grant of approval for such individual to participate in that professional boxing match; or

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(2) if the boxer appeals to the Association of Boxing Commissions, and the Association of Boxing Commissions determines that the suspension of such boxer was without sufficient grounds, for an improper purpose, or not related to the health and safety of the boxer or the purposes of this chapter.