15 USC 6303 - Boxing matches in States without boxing commissions

(a) No person may arrange, promote, organize, produce, or fight in a professional boxing match held in a State that does not have a boxing commission unless the match is supervised by a boxing commission from another State and subject to the most recent version of the recommended regulatory guidelines certified and published by the Association of Boxing Commissions as well as any additional relevant professional boxing regulations and requirements of such other State.
(b) For the purpose of this chapter, if no State commission is available to supervise a boxing match according to subsection (a) of this section, then
(1) the match may not be held unless it is supervised by an association of boxing commissions to which at least a majority of the States belong; and
(2) any reporting or other requirement relating to a supervising commission allowed under this section shall be deemed to refer to the entity described in paragraph (1).