15 USC 6204 - Limitations on authority

Sections 6201, 6202, and 6203 of this title shall not apply with respect to the following antitrust evidence:
(1) Antitrust evidence that is received by the Attorney General or the Commission under section 18a of this title. Nothing in this paragraph shall affect the ability of the Attorney General or the Commission to disclose to a foreign antitrust authority antitrust evidence that is obtained otherwise than under section 18a of this title.
(2) Antitrust evidence that is matter occurring before a grand jury and with respect to which disclosure is prevented by Federal law, except that for the purpose of applying Rule 6(e)(3)(C)(iv) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure with respect to this section
(A) a foreign antitrust authority with respect to which a particularized need for such antitrust evidence is shown shall be considered to be an appropriate official of any of the several States, and
(B) a foreign antitrust law administered or enforced by the foreign antitrust authority shall be considered to be a State criminal law.

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(3) Antitrust evidence that is specifically authorized under criteria established by Executive Order 12356, or any successor to such order, to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy, and
(A) that is classified pursuant to such order or such successor, or
(B) with respect to which a determination of classification is pending under such order or such successor.
(4) Antitrust evidence that is classified under section 2162 of title 42.