15 USC 5808 - Commercial Space Achievement Award

(a) Establishment 
There is established a Commercial Space Achievement Award. The award shall consist of a medal, which shall be of such design and materials and bear such inscriptions as determined by the Secretary of Commerce. A cash prize may also be awarded if funding for the prize is available under subsection (d) of this section.
(b) Criteria for award 
The Secretary of Commerce shall periodically make, and the Chairman of the National Space Council shall present, awards under this section to individuals, corporations, corporate divisions, or corporate subsidiaries substantially engaged in commercial space activities who in the opinion of the Secretary of Commerce best meet the following criteria:
(1) For corporate entities, at least one-half of the revenues from the space-related activities of the corporation, division, or subsidiary is derived from sources other than the United States Government.
(2) The activities and achievements of the individual, corporation, division, or subsidiary have substantially contributed to the United States gross national product and the stature of United States industry in international markets, with due consideration for both the economic magnitude and the technical quality of the activities and achievements.

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(3) The individual, corporation, division, or subsidiary has substantially advanced space technology and space applications directly related to commercial space activities.
(c) Limitations 
No individual or corporate entity may receive an award under this section more than once every 5 years.
(d) Funding for award 
The Secretary of Commerce may seek and accept gifts of money from public and private sources for the purpose of making cash prize awards under this section. Such money may be used only for that purpose, only such money may be used for that purpose, and the Secretary of Commerce shall make publicly available an itemized list of the sources of such funding.