15 USC 5801 - Findings

The Congress finds that
(1) commercial activities of the private sector have substantially contributed to the strength of both the United States space program and the national economy;
(2) a robust United States space transportation capability remains a vital cornerstone of the United States space program;
(3) the availability of commercial launch services is essential for the continued growth of the United States commercial space sector;
(4) a timely extension of the excess third party claims payment provisions of chapter 701 of title 49 is appropriate and necessary to enable the private sector to continue covering maximum probable liability risks while protecting the private sector from uninsurable levels of liability which could hinder international competitiveness;
(5) a program to demonstrate how recipients of Federal grants can purchase launch services directly from the private sector has the potential to improve the capabilities of the United States commercial launch industry;
(6) improvements and additions to the Nations space transportation infrastructure contribute to a robust and cost effective space transportation capability for both public sector and private sector users;
(7) private sector use of available Government facilities on a reimbursable basis contributes to a stronger commercial space sector;
(8) the Federal Government should purchase space goods and services which are commercially available, or could be made available commercially in response to a Government procurement request, whenever such goods or services meet Government mission requirements in a cost effective manner;
(9) it is appropriate for the Government to act as an anchor tenant for commercial space development projects which have a reasonable potential to develop non-Federal markets and which meet Federal needs in a cost effective manner; and
(10) the provision of compensation to commercial providers of space goods and services for termination of contracts at the convenience of the Government assists in enabling the private sector to invest in space activities which are initially dependent on Government purchases.