15 USC 5502 - Purposes

The purposes of this chapter are to help ensure the continued leadership of the United States in high-performance computing and its applications by
(1) expanding Federal support for research, development, and application of high-performance computing in order to
(A) expand the number of researchers, educators, and students with training in high-performance computing and access to high-performance computing resources;
(B) promote the further development of an information infrastructure of data bases, services, access mechanisms, and research facilities available for use through the Internet;
(C) stimulate research on software technology;

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(D) promote the more rapid development and wider distribution of computing software tools and applications software;
(E) accelerate the development of computing systems and subsystems;
(F) provide for the application of high-performance computing to Grand Challenges;
(G) invest in basic research and education, and promote the inclusion of high-performance computing into educational institutions at all levels; and
(H) promote greater collaboration among government, Federal laboratories, industry, high-performance computing centers, and universities;
(2) improving the interagency planning and coordination of Federal research and development on high-performance computing and maximizing the effectiveness of the Federal Governments high-performance computing network research and development programs;
(3) promoting the more rapid development and wider distribution of networking management and development tools; and
(4) promoting the rapid adoption of open network standards.