15 USC 5301 - Findings

The Congress finds that
(1) metal casting is an important process for manufacturing many items imported into or exported from the United States;
(2) the encouragement and maintenance of a technically advanced United States metal casting industry is essential to the competitiveness of many American industries;
(3) maintaining a viable metal casting industry is vital to the national security and economic well being of the United States;
(4) the promotion of technology competitiveness and energy efficiency in the United States metal casting industry by the Federal Government is necessary to maintain a viable metal casting industry;

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(5) many metal casting companies lack the resources to conduct metal casting research alone, placing them at a serious competitive disadvantage;
(6) the support of university-based research in metal casting is important in promoting technology development and providing industry with qualified engineers; and
(7) by combining the resources of the Federal Government, universities, industry, and private organizations, to conduct research and development activities, substantial technological benefits will result to the metal casting industry.