15 USC 3115 - Youth employment policies and programs

(a) Congressional findings 
The Congress finds and declares
(1) That[1] serious unemployment and economic disadvantage of a unique nature exist among youths even under generally favorable economic conditions;
(2) that this group constitutes a substantial portion of the Nations unemployment, and that this significantly contributes to crime, alcoholism and drug abuse, and other social and economic problems; and
(3) that many youths have special employment needs and problems which, if not promptly addressed, will substantially contribute to more severe unemployment problems in the long run.
(b) Improvement and expansion 
To the extent deemed necessary in fulfillment of the purposes of this chapter, the President shall improve and expand existing youth employment programs, recommending legislation where required. In formulating any such program, the President shall
(1) include provisions designed to fully coordinate youth employment activities with other employment and training programs;
(2) develop a smoother transition from school to work;
(3) prepare disadvantaged and other youths with employability handicaps for regular self-sustaining employment;
(4) develop realistic methods for combining training with work; and
(5) develop provisions designed to attract structurally unemployed youth into productive full-time employment through incentives to private and independent sector businesses;[2]
[1] So in original. Probably should not be capitalized.
[2] So in original. The semicolon probably should be a period.