15 USC 2215 - Reports to Congress and President

The Director shall report to the Congress and the President not later than ninety calendar days following the year ending September 30, 1980 and similarly each year thereafter on all activities relating to fire prevention and control, and all measures taken to implement and carry out this chapter during the preceding calendar year. Such report shall include, but need not be limited to
(a) a thorough appraisal, including statistical analysis, estimates, and long-term projections of the human and economic losses due to fire;
(b) a survey and summary, in such detail as is deemed advisable, of the research and technology program undertaken or sponsored pursuant to this chapter;
(c) a summary of the activities of the Academy for the preceding 12 months, including, but not limited to
(1) an explanation of the curriculum of study;
(2) a description of the standards of admission and performance;
(3) the criteria for the awarding of degrees and certificates; and
(4) a statistical compilation of the number of students attending the Academy and receiving degrees or certificates;
(d) a summary of the activities undertaken to assist the Nations fire services;
(e) a summary of the public education programs undertaken;
(f) an analysis of the extent of participation in preparing and submitting Fire Safety Effectiveness Statements;
(g) a summary of outstanding problems confronting the administration of this chapter, in order of priority;
(h) such recommendations for additional legislation as are deemed necessary or appropriate; and
(i) a summary of reviews, evaluations, and suggested improvements in State and local fire prevention and building codes, fire services, and any relevant Federal or private codes, regulations, and fire services.