15 USC 2208 - National Fire Data Center

(a) Functions 
The Administrator shall operate, directly or through contracts or grants, an integrated, comprehensive National Fire Data Center for the selection, analysis, publication, and dissemination of information related to the prevention, occurrence, control, and results of fires of all types. The program of such Data Center shall be designed to
(1)  provide an accurate nationwide analysis of the fire problem,
(2)  identify major problem areas,
(3)  assist in setting priorities,
(4)  determine possible solutions to problems, and
(5)  monitor the progress of programs to reduce fire losses. To carry out these functions, the Data Center shall gather and analyze
(1) information on the frequency, causes, spread, and extinguishment of fires;
(2) information on the number of injuries and deaths resulting from fires, including the maximum available information on the specific causes and nature of such injuries and deaths, and information on property losses;
(3) information on the occupational hazards faced by firefighters, including the causes of deaths and injuries arising, directly and indirectly, from firefighting activities;
(4) information on all types of firefighting activities, including inspection practices;
(5) technical information related to building construction, fire properties of materials, and similar information;
(6) information on fire prevention and control laws, systems, methods, techniques, and administrative structures used in foreign nations;
(7) information on the causes, behavior, and best method of control of other types of fire, including, but not limited to, forest fires, brush fires, fire underground, oil blow-out fires, and water-borne fires; and
(8) such other information and data as is deemed useful and applicable.
(b) Methods 
In carrying out the program of the Data Center, the Administrator is authorized to
(1) develop standardized data reporting methods;
(2) encourage and assist Federal, State, local, and other agencies, public and private, in developing and reporting information; and
(3) make full use of existing data gathering and analysis organizations, both public and private.
(c) Dissemination of fire data 
The Administrator shall insure dissemination to the maximum extent possible of fire data collected and developed by the Data Center, and shall make such data, information, and analysis available in appropriate form to Federal agencies, State and local governments, private organizations, industry, business, and other interested persons.
(d) National Fire Incident Reporting System update 

(1) In general 
The Administrator shall update the National Fire Incident Reporting System to ensure that the information in the system is available, and can be updated, through the Internet and in real time.
(2) Limitation 
Of the amounts made available pursuant to subparagraphs (E), (F), and (G) of section 2216 (g)(1) of this title, the Administrator shall use not more than an aggregate amount of $5,000,000 during the 3-year period consisting of fiscal years 2009, 2010, and 2011 to carry out the activities required by paragraph (1).