15 USC 1525 - Special studies; special compilations, lists, bulletins, or reports; clearinghouse for technical information; transcripts or copies; cost payments for special work; joint projects: cost apportionment, waiver

The Secretary of Commerce is authorized, upon the request of any person, firm, organization, or others, public or private, to make special studies on matters within the authority of the Department of Commerce; to prepare from its records special compilations, lists, bulletins, or reports; to perform the functions authorized by section 1152 of this title; and to furnish transcripts or copies of its studies, compilations, and other records; upon the payment of the actual or estimated cost of such special work. In the case of nonprofit organizations, research organizations, or public organizations or agencies, the Secretary may engage in joint projects, or perform services, on matters of mutual interest, the cost of which shall be apportioned equitably, as determined by the Secretary, who may, however, waive payment of any portion of such costs by others, when authorized to do so under regulations approved by the Office of Management and Budget.