15 USC 146 - General powers of corporation

In addition to the powers granted elsewhere in this chapter, a China Trade Act corporation
(a) Shall have the right of succession during the existence of the corporation;
(b) Shall have a corporate seal and may, with the approval of the Secretary, alter it;
(c) May sue and be sued;
(d) Shall have the right to transact the business authorized by its articles of incorporation and such further business as is properly connected therewith or necessary and incidental thereto;

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(e) May make contracts and incur liabilities;
(f) May acquire and hold real or personal property, necessary to effect the purpose for which it is formed, and dispose of such property when no longer needed for such purposes;
(g) May borrow money and issue its notes, coupon or registered bonds, or other evidences of debt, and secure their payment by a mortgage of its property; and
(h) May establish such branch offices at such places in China as it deems advisable.