14 USC 366 - Retention beyond term of enlistment in case of disability

Any enlisted member of the Coast Guard in the active service whose term of enlistment expires while he is suffering disease or injury incident to service and not due to misconduct, and who is in need of medical care or hospitalization, may, with his consent, be retained in such service beyond the expiration of his term of enlistment. Any such enlisted member shall be entitled to receive at Government expense medical care or hospitalization and his pay and allowances, including credit for longevity, until he shall have recovered to such extent as would enable him to meet the physical requirements for reenlistment, or until it shall have been ascertained by competent authority of the Coast Guard that the disease or injury is of a character that recovery to such an extent would be impossible. Any enlisted member whose enlistment is so extended shall be subject to forfeitures in the same manner and to the same extent as if his term of enlistment had not expired. Nothing contained in this section shall prevent any enlisted member from being held in the service without his consent under section 367 of this title.