12 USC 5015 - Study and report on funds availability

(a) Study 
In order to evaluate the implementation and the impact of this chapter, the Board shall conduct a study of
(1) the percentage of total checks cleared in which the paper check is not returned to the paying bank;
(2) the extent to which banks make funds available to consumers for local and nonlocal checks prior to the expiration of maximum hold periods;
(3) the length of time within which depositary banks learn of the nonpayment of local and nonlocal checks;

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(4) the increase or decrease in check-related losses over the study period; and
(5) the appropriateness of the time periods and amount limits applicable under sections 4002 and 4003 of this title, as in effect on October 28, 2003.
(b) Report to Congress 
Before the end of the 30-month period beginning on the effective date of this chapter, the Board shall submit a report to the Congress containing the results of the study conducted under this section, together with recommendations for legislative action.