12 USC 3752 - Definitions

For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:
(1) Bona fide purchaser 
The term bona fide purchaser means a purchaser for value in good faith and without notice of any adverse claim, and who acquires the security property free of any adverse claim.
(2) County 
The term county has the same meaning as in section 2 of title 1.
(3) Mortgage 
The term mortgage means a deed of trust, mortgage, deed to secure debt, security agreement, or any other form of instrument under which any property (real, personal or mixed), or any interest in property (including leaseholds, life estates, reversionary interests, and any other estates under applicable State law), is conveyed in trust, mortgaged, encumbered, pledged, or otherwise rendered subject to a lien for the purpose of securing the payment of money or the performance of an obligation.
(4) Mortgage agreement 
The term mortgage agreement means the note or debt instrument and the mortgage instrument, deed of trust instrument, trust deed, or instrument or instruments creating the mortgage, including any instrument incorporated by reference therein and any instrument or agreement amending or modifying any of the foregoing.

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(5) Mortgagor 
The term mortgagor means the obligor, grantor, or trustee named in the mortgage agreement and, unless the context otherwise indicates, includes the current owner of record of the security property whether or not such owner is personally liable on the mortgage debt.
(6) Owner 
The term owner means any person who has an ownership interest in property and includes heirs, devises, executors, administrators, and other personal representatives, and trustees of testamentary trusts if the owner of record is deceased.
(7) Person 
The term person includes any individual, group of individuals, association, partnership, corporation, or organization.
(8) Record; recorded 
The terms record and recorded include register and registered in the instance of registered land.
(9) Security property 
The term security property means the property (real, personal or mixed) or an interest in property (including leaseholds, life estates, reversionary interests, and any other estates under applicable State law), together with fixtures and other interests subject to the lien of the mortgage under applicable State law.
(10) Single family mortgage 
The term single family mortgage means a mortgage that covers property on which there is located a 1- to 4-family residence, and that
(A) is held by the Secretary pursuant to title I or title II of the National Housing Act [12 U.S.C. 1702 et seq., 1707 et seq.]; or
(B) secures a loan obligated by the Secretary under section 1452b of title 42, as it existed before the repeal of that section by section 12839 of title 42 (except that a mortgage securing such a loan that covers property containing nonresidential space and a 1- to 4-family dwelling shall not be subject to this chapter).
(11) State 
The term State means
(A) the several States;

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(B) the District of Columbia;
(C) the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico;
(D) the United States Virgin Islands;
(E) Guam;
(F) American Samoa;
(G) the Northern Mariana Islands;
(H) the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands; and
(I) Indian tribes, as defined by the Secretary.