12 USC 371a - Payment of interest on demand deposits

No member bank shall, directly or indirectly, by any device whatsoever, pay any interest on any deposit which is payable on demand: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed as prohibiting the payment of interest in accordance with the terms of any certificate of deposit or other contract entered into in good faith which is in force on the date on which the bank becomes subject to the provisions of this section; but no such certificate of deposit or other contract shall be renewed or extended unless it shall be modified to conform to this section, and every member bank shall take such action as may be necessary to conform to this section as soon as possible consistently with its contractual obligations: Provided further, That this section shall not apply to any deposit of such bank which is payable only at an office thereof located outside of the States of the United States and the District of Columbia: Provided further, That until the expiration of two years after August 23, 1935, this section shall not apply
(1)  to any deposit made by a savings bank as defined in section 12B of this Act, as amended, or by a mutual savings bank, or
(2)  to any deposit of public funds made by or on behalf of any State, county, school district, or other subdivision or municipality, or to any deposit of trust funds if the payment of interest with respect to such deposit of public funds or of trust funds is required by State law. So much of existing law as requires the payment of interest with respect to any funds deposited by the United States, by any Territory, District, or possession thereof, or by any public instrumentality, agency, or officer of the foregoing, as is inconsistent with the provisions of this section is repealed. Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, a member bank may permit withdrawals to be made automatically from a savings deposit that consists only of funds in which the entire beneficial interest is held by one or more individuals through payment to the bank itself or through transfer of credit to a demand deposit or other account pursuant to written authorization from the depositor to make such payments or transfers in connection with checks or drafts drawn upon the bank, pursuant to terms and conditions prescribed by the Board.