12 USC 289 - Dividends and surplus funds of reserve banks; transfer for fiscal year 2000

(a) Dividends and surplus funds of reserve banks 

(1) Stockholder dividends 

(A) In general 
After all necessary expenses of a Federal reserve bank have been paid or provided for, the stockholders of the bank shall be entitled to receive an annual dividend of 6 percent on paid-in capital stock.
(B) Dividend cumulative 
The entitlement to dividends under subparagraph (A) shall be cumulative.
(2) Deposit of net earnings in surplus fund 
That portion of net earnings of each Federal reserve bank which remains after dividend claims under paragraph (1)(A) have been fully met shall be deposited in the surplus fund of the bank.
(b)  1 Transfer for fiscal year 2000 

(1) In general 
The Federal reserve banks shall transfer from the surplus funds of such banks to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for transfer to the Secretary of the Treasury for deposit in the general fund of the Treasury, a total amount of $3,752,000,000 in fiscal year 2000.
(2) Allocated by Fed 
Of the total amount required to be paid by the Federal reserve banks under paragraph (1) for fiscal year 2000, the Board shall determine the amount each such bank shall pay in such fiscal year.
(3) Replenishment of surplus fund prohibited 
During fiscal year 2000, no Federal reserve bank may replenish such banks surplus fund by the amount of any transfer by such bank under paragraph (1).
[1] See Codification note below.