12 USC 252 - Credit availability assessment

(a) Study 

(1) In general 
Not later than 12 months after September 30, 1996, and once every 60 months thereafter, the Board, in consultation with the Director of the Office of Thrift Supervision, the Comptroller of the Currency, the Board of Directors of the Corporation, the Administrator of the National Credit Union Administration, the Administrator of the Small Business Administration, and the Secretary of Commerce, shall conduct a study and submit a report to the Congress detailing the extent of small business lending by all creditors.
(2) Contents of study 
The study required under paragraph (1) shall identify, to the extent practicable, those factors which provide policymakers with insights into the small business credit market, including
(A) the demand for small business credit, including consideration of the impact of economic cycles on the levels of such demand;
(B) the availability of credit to small businesses;
(C) the range of credit options available to small businesses, such as those available from insured depository institutions and other providers of credit;
(D) the types of credit products used to finance small business operations, including the use of traditional loans, leases, lines of credit, home equity loans, credit cards, and other sources of financing;
(E) the credit needs of small businesses, including, if appropriate, the extent to which such needs differ, based upon product type, size of business, cash flow requirements, characteristics of ownership or investors, or other aspects of such business;
(F) the types of risks to creditors in providing credit to small businesses; and
(G) such other factors as the Board deems appropriate.
(b) Use of existing data 
The studies required by this section shall not increase the regulatory or paperwork burden on regulated financial institutions, other sources of small business credit, or small businesses.