12 USC 206 - Conservator; powers and duties

(a) General powers 
A conservator shall have all the powers of the shareholders, directors, and officers of the bank and may operate the bank in its own name unless the Comptroller[1] in the order of appointment limits the conservators authority.
(b) Subject to rules of Comptroller 
The conservator shall be subject to such rules, regulations, and orders as the Comptroller from time to time deems appropriate; and, except as otherwise specifically provided in such rules, regulations, or orders or in section 209 of this title, shall have the same rights and privileges and be subject to the same duties, restrictions, penalties, conditions, and limitations as apply to directors, officers, or employees of a national bank.
(c) Payment of depositors and creditors 
The Comptroller may require the conservator to set aside and make available for withdrawal by depositors and payment to other creditors such amounts as in the opinion of the Comptroller may safely be used for that purpose. All depositors and creditors who are similarly situated shall be treated in the same manner.
(d) Compensation of conservator and employees 
The conservator and professional employees appointed to represent or assist the conservator shall not be paid amounts greater than are payable to employees of the Federal Government for similar services, except that the Comptroller of the Currency may authorize payment at higher rates (but not in excess of rates prevailing in the private sector), if the Comptroller determines that paying such higher rates is necessary in order to recruit and retain competent personnel.

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(e) Expenses 
All expenses of any such conservatorship shall be paid by the bank and shall be a lien upon the bank which shall be prior to any other lien.
[1] So in original. Probably should be “Comptroller of the Currency”.