12 USC 1816 - Factors to be considered

The factors that are required, under section 1814 of this title, to be considered in connection with, and enumerated in, any certificate issued pursuant to section 1814 of this title and that are required, under section 1815 of this title, to be considered by the Board of Directors in connection with any determination by such Board pursuant to section 1815 of this title are the following:
(1) The financial history and condition of the depository institution.
(2) The adequacy of the depository institutions capital structure.
(3) The future earnings prospects of the depository institution.
(4) The general character and fitness of the management of the depository institution.
(5) The risk presented by such depository institution to the Deposit Insurance Fund.
(6) The convenience and needs of the community to be served by such depository institution.
(7) Whether the depository institutions corporate powers are consistent with the purposes of this chapter.