12 USC 1466a - District associations

(a) In general 
The Director shall, with respect to all incorporated or unincorporated building, building or loan, building and loan, or homestead associations, and similar institutions, of or transacting or doing business in the District of Columbia, or maintaining any office in the District of Columbia (other than Federal savings associations), have the same powers and functions as to examination, operation, and regulation as the Director has with respect to Federal savings associations.
(b) Additional powers 
Any such association or institution incorporated under the laws of, or organized in, the District of Columbia shall have in addition to any existing statutory authority such statutory authority as is vested in Federal savings associations.
(c) Charter amendments 
Charters, certificates of incorporation, articles of incorporation, constitutions, bylaws, or other organic documents of associations or institutions referred to in subsection (b) of this section may, without regard to anything contained therein or otherwise, be amended in such manner and to such extent and upon such votes if any as the Director may by regulation or otherwise provide.
(d) Limitation 
Nothing in this section shall cause, or permit the Director to cause, District of Columbia associations to be or become Federal savings associations, or require the Director to impose on District of Columbia associations the same regulations as are imposed on Federal savings associations.