12 USC 1432 - Incorporation of banks; corporate powers; housing project loans

(a) The directors of each Federal Home Loan Bank shall, in accordance with such rules and regulations as the Director may prescribe, make and file with the Director at the earliest practicable date after the establishment of such bank, an organization certificate which shall contain such information as the Director may require. Upon the making and filing of such organization certificate with the Director, such bank shall become, as of the date of the execution of its organization certificate, a body corporate, and as such and in its name as designated by the Director it shall have power to adopt, alter, and use a corporate seal; to make contracts; to purchase or lease and hold or dispose of such real estate as may be necessary or convenient for the transaction of its business; to sue and be sued, to complain and to defend, in any court of competent jurisdiction, State or Federal; to select, employ, and fix the compensation of such officers, employees, attorneys, and agents as shall be necessary for the transaction of its business,;[1] to define their duties, require bonds of them and fix the penalties thereof, and to dismiss at pleasure such officers, employees, attorneys, and agents; and, by the board of directors of the bank, to prescribe, amend, and repeal by-laws governing the manner in which its affairs may be administered, consistent with applicable laws and regulations, as administered by the Director. No officer, employee, attorney, or agent of a Federal home loan bank who receives compensation, may be a member of the board of directors. Each such bank shall have all such incidental powers, not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter, as are customary and usual in corporations generally.
(b) Subject to such regulations as may be prescribed by the Director, one or more Federal home loan banks may acquire, hold, or dispose of, in whole or in part, or facilitate such acquisition, holding, or disposition by members of any such bank of, housing project loans, or interests therein, having the benefit of any guaranty under section 2181 of title 22, as now or hereafter in effect, or loans, or interests therein, having the benefit of any guaranty under section 2184 of title 22 or any commitment or agreement with respect to such loans, or interests therein, made pursuant to either of such sections. This authority extends to the acquisition, holding, and disposition of loans, or interests therein, having the benefit of any guaranty under section 2181 or 2182 of title 22 or such sections as hereafter amended or extended, or of any commitment or agreement for any such guaranty.
[1] So in original.