10 USC 9315 - Community College of the Air Force: associate degrees

(a) Establishment and Mission.— 
There is in the Air Force a Community College of the Air Force. Such college, in cooperation with civilian colleges and universities, shall
(1) prescribe programs of higher education for enlisted members described in subsection (b) designed to improve the technical, managerial, and related skills of such members and to prepare such members for military jobs which require the utilization of such skills; and
(2) monitor on a continuing basis the progress of members pursuing such programs.
(b) Members Eligible for Programs.— 
Subject to such other eligibility requirements as the Secretary concerned may prescribe, the following members of the armed forces are eligible to participate in programs of higher education under subsection (a)(1):
(1) Enlisted members of the Air Force.
(2) Enlisted members of the armed forces other than the Air Force who are serving as instructors at Air Force training schools.
(c) Associate Degrees.— 

(1) Subject to paragraph (2), an academic degree at the level of associate may be conferred under section 9317 of this title upon any enlisted member who has completed a program prescribed by the Community College of the Air Force.
(2) No degree may be conferred upon any enlisted member under this section unless the Secretary of Education determines that the standards for the award of academic degrees in agencies of the United States have been met.